Headquarters in the USA and Asia

The 25th China (ShangHai) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2019

Website: www.china-medexpo.com/home.asp

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth: TA040

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CMEH – China Shanghai international medical device exhibition is supposed to be the largest event of its kind in China. Well-known exhibitors of the industry show the whole range of medical-technical products reaching from electronic devices up to hygienic materials and software systems. For visitors that want to have a look at the latest designs and technologies the exhibition is a must. They will find a good information and communication platform suitable to come into contact with real business experts.

The CMEH China Shanghai International Medical Device Exhibition will take place on 3 days from Thursday, 11. July to Saturday, 13. July 2019 in Shanghai.

Potential Targets in China

  • 12,918 Public Hospitals in China
  • 16,216 Private Hospitals in China
  • 29,140 Total Hospitals in China

Company Locations

  • Global Link Medical Group - Montclair CA USA
  • Global Link Medical Group - Hong Kong Office
  • Asia Distribution & Support Office - Xian China

Top Breast cancer research centers and doctors in the US using SonoCiné

  • Yale
  • University of Chicago
  • The Mana Clinic - AR
  • McFarland Clinic - Ames, Iowa
  • Dan Herron, MD - CA
  • Barbara Hayden, MD – Santa Monica, CA
  • Sean Canali, MD – Raleigh, NC
  • David Weintritt, MD – Alexandria, VA
  • Marita Acheson, MD - WA
  • Prudence Hall, MD - CA

How it Works

Patient Preparation

SonoCiné has developed a proprietary camisole that fits like a sports bra, holds the breasts in place and provides a feeling of modesty. A patented hydrogel nipple pad enhances patient comfort and improves imaging of the nipple region.

Patient Exam

Similar to a hand-held ultrasound, a woman lies on her back as scan rows are captured sequentially from below the collarbone to the lower margin of the breast. This process, including preparation, exam and room turnover, takes under 10 minutes, and can be scheduled accordingly.


The SonoCiné exam is recorded as a video, after which the doctor can then give undivided attention in a distraction-free environment. This method of review has been shown to increase the detection of cancers as small as 5–10mm.


SonoCiné AWBUS connects to any ultrasound machine, taking advantage of the best ultrasound imaging technology. Using simple sound waves, it’s safe for the patient, requires no injections, radiation, or painful compression.

Evaluation of the images taken during the screening examination by the operator is done afterwards by the radiologist. This assessment is read on a high-resolution monitor in a properly lit, distraction-free environment. Unusual motion spotted during this video review greatly improves detection of easily treatable 5-10mm cancers.

Why SonoCiné?

Clinical studies show that SonoCiné increases the detection of very small, easily treatable breast cancer.


All members of our team have a proven track record in delivering patient care of the highest standard, and share a reputation for clinical excellence.

"When adding SonoCiné to our practice, my hope was that in the first 1000 dense-breast women screened with normal mammograms that we would find 3 cancers missed on mammography. We actually found our first cancer after only 70 cases and our second cancer after the 100th case."
- Dr. Daniel Herron
"It has been a year since my breast cancer diagnosis, and I wanted to thank you for finding it with the automated whole breast ultrasound."
- Karen C.